Sometimes it’s the simplest of things which bring cheer to our day, little greetings in a message along the lines of ‘…. we reformed in 2018. Our first release since reforming will be incidental music for my debut novel, Undercliff, which is published on 30.5.19. The music will be released by a Spanish label in late June. The author in question – Mark Brend, the band in question – Farina, the album in question ‘Undercliff, 1973’ and finally, the label in question – the Hanky Panky imprint of Spain. Farina of course, will be forever remembered around these here parts, for their two full lengths for pickled egg earlier in the millennium, both of which hold a special place in our heart, so as you can imagine there’s been a degree of both, trepidation and cautious expectancy on approaching this teaser tasting moving picture which by the looks of things, has a certain Darren Hayman of Hefner (and beyond) fame) involved. Assumed of a haunted dream like state, ‘undercliff, 1973’ moves through the memories like the flicking of pages of a scrapbook. Dinked in sepia set rustics that hint of a faraway nostalgia, (think L’Augmentation and Oddfellows Casino in cahoots with Oliver Cherer as though tasked with collectively concocting something for Clay Pipe Music adoring), for here basks a hazy genteel and carefreeness impeccably date stamped to the era, the brassy braids, the chiming motifs and the hesitant riff drifts all conclude and cross weave to cast a haunted charming of a moment frozen and left waiting, more so, something unfinished and in need of resolve and resting.

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