interlude …. mutant musik ….

Interlude ….. mutant musik …..

… today, we’ve been having something of a revisit to our younger former self, the deluxe version of the Generation X debut serving partly as a back dropping sound track along with variously spiky Peel selections from an assortment of cassettes and the reading of both a Ripped and Torn compendium and a tome called No Future …. both I should add, well worth seeking out. All that aside, we happened across an old Record Mirror chart, dated December 1980, the 13th if you what to precise, with a 20 track listing of Futurist sounds all of which seem a little more relevant these days ….. some of which feature below ……

Bardi Blaise …..

Silicon teens ….

Gina x ….

British standard unit ….

Kapital punischment ….

Visage ….

The human league ….

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