analogue electronic whatever

Assuming we don’t fall prey to anymore of what can only be described as, laptop malfunction monotony, now there’s a title that the late Mark E Smith would have no doubt conjured mirth, madness and melody to. Still fingers crossed and the blighter might even allow us to hear the track in question sometime this side of winter (we gave up the ghost yesterday evening, it is now morning), us sat here following three changes of clothes – from sleepwear to work wear to lounge wear waiting for this masterly slice of technological advancement to boot up, boot up a phrase more relating in the parlance of our school youth to meaning, to administer or receive thereof, a sizeable kick up the backside, which should this excuse for (incidentally laughingly called by its makers as) ‘state of the art technological convenience’(– please HP I’ll die laughing if that is the boredom of boot up doesn’t get me first) give anymore lip, we shall indeed be taken to with much gusto. Anyhow, grumbles aside, new incoming on the celebrated Polytechnic Youth, soon-ishly he says fearfully, given he missed the last proclamation, this be Analogue Electronic Whatever, much loved around these here parts, two more tracks taken from their adored cassette full length ‘since year dot’ being readied for limited lathe pressing with the frosted minimalism of ‘frozen milk 77’ heading up the charge. In short, a binary bopping tribute to the spirit of free expressionism brought to bear by the insurgent DIY ethic ignited by punk. This ‘un a mutant mirror-balling motork dinked with a delightfully kitschy undercut that has you imagining an impish meeting under the shadow of night where gather the pogoing monochrome of The Normal being sweetened with the screwball odd obscurest pop glazing of a strangely edgy Flying Lizards under the watchful eye of Plastic Bertrand, tis all wonderfully scratchy, monochrome-y and psychotronic.

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