Justin Hopper & Sharron Kraus with The Belbury Poly

Typical of these things, we’ve lost the Jim Jupp email containing details of this release, indeed yes, a message from the Jupp one, fear not, wasn’t as though it was personalised or anything, automated I note, something quietly dropped, I’m very much suspecting, into the in box’s of most normal folk. And there was us thinking we were special, darn. Anyway, the message in question heralds the forthcoming arrival of GBX033 entitled ‘Chanctonbury Rings’, a folk mystic drawn forth and summoned from the fog of time during a séance performed by Justin Hopper & Sharron Kraus with the assistance of The Belbury Poly. Part spiritual and of the land, not to mention magical, this enchanted story telling is brushed with beguiling bouquets of pastoral florets all daubed in a becoming regency vintage, a merry dance of an olden England of a time long gone, beneath the beautified serene and spring hued charm a hitherto haunting lost to legend, gossip and bed time shivers, stirs and prowls, a ghostly ne’er do wellin’ shape shifter moving with stealth amid the forest shadows (see ‘breath’ and ‘the Devil and St Dunstan’). https://soundcloud.com/ghost-box/sets/chanctonburyrings

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