daily medications …. 2nd cycle ….

Daily Medications …… 2nd cycle …..

‘music meditations from the wilderness’ ….

…. may contain …. grumbles, apologies, cancer and music …..

editorial excuses and stone throwing corner …..

No extended grumbles this time around, all talked out following yesterdays extended preamble, hopefully it didn’t bore you, just needed to get a few things off my chest between coughing fits. That said, I’ve been more than overwhelmed by the kind notes and private messages, give me a day or two and I will reply individually to them.

Changing the subject, a little conversational device I’ve managed to turn into an artform in recent times, the great tape to digital transfer continues apace, still land locked in the 90’s we’ve been awash with Glastonbury’s past whilst wading through the usual diet of Peel and Radcliffe shows, the latter heavily represented by a stash of cassettes we unearthed featuring a few long forgotten Hit the North shows from back in the old Radio 5 days. While we are on the subject of cassettes, for those obsessives among you and the odd passing curio, might we suggest you hook up to the Cassette Comeback show on you tube via https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5yaZs2wSx-uqnXBkWmyqBQ – primarily for those sound purists among you, this dude explores and often debunks long held myths relating to cassettes and their worth / status and pedigree as well as giving much needed advice and classes into setting optimum hints for home-based recordings, all good stuff when you realise those old TDK D series cassettes and strangely named cheap type 0 tapes from the late 70’s / early 80’s where in fact the danders and that it was only your ineptness for setting the levels and the fact you were recording them on tat kits that made them sound bad. Which all leads us neatly into today’s first offering ……..

….. two new forth-comers from the ever-excellent Front and Follow label, an imprint who I feel (and they aren’t the only ones, there’s a worrying list of the neglected) we’ve done a disservice to of late. Anyhow, as said, two new nuggets arriving, (in truth just one, the other being a bonus set included as a thank you for nabbing the physical version of the main course – all very confusing, a fact only made more confusing by my hapless explanation – we do our best to please). Just 100 of these shortly to be in brief circulation, from Rothko’s Michael Donnelly looms ‘why so mute, fond lover?’ from off which, ‘thick skull’ (currently adoring the pre-sales preview page) has been causing something of a rumpus in the listening gaff, a brooding dystopian dark star weaved from elements of the Battles albeit as though rebranded and terraformed anew by Kriedler here found crafting molten firewalls of impenetrable Brutalist blisters to create something formidably fired in some near future mech mutated apocalypse. https://fandf.bandcamp.com/album/why-so-mute-fond-lover

As to that bonus set, ‘pardon error’ be its name, a gathering featuring a plethora of remixes by a few specially selected invitees, one of whom among the number being Polypores whose reediting of ‘Mole Man’ really does achieve something of a serenely subterranic solemn. Applied with a tender trimming, there’s a faraway genteel adoring this withdrawing sound space, a distance ached in trepidation and a fearing timidity, very touching and desperately delighting in its hushened poise and glacial sculpturing. Somewhere else here, Pye Corner Audio is similarly tasked with recalibrating the same track and into the bargain seductively sculpting an expansive desert drift spectral tamed with hypnotic shape shifts and tripping dub dialects. Damn fine if you ask me. https://fandf.bandcamp.com/album/pardon-error

Staying with both PCA and Polypores, if you go to the Dark Outside website, you might still find copies of the limited repress of ‘five years in the dark’ which was made available yesterday in a strictly limited 52 only issue – see https://www.darkoutside.co.uk/ while that Polypores chap has an incoming through Castles in Space shortly entitled ‘flora’ which, hold your breath a tad, we will mention in brief later in the week – for now check out https://polypores.bandcamp.com/album/flora-4 – I’m guessing there’ll be more Polypores to come given, I’m sure we’ve eyed another mix tape or some such live sequence lurking in our inbox.

We will endeavour to rummage through our inbox in the coming days if only to avow ourselves the joy of rootng out those troublesome Cruel Nature releases that we appear to have missed in recent months, releases like this joyful noise niking blighter by Tankengine entitled ‘appraisal’ – a track culled from what we assume is their debuting self-titled EP. Anyway, just what the doctor ordered, gnarly, grizzled and scabby, a sea sawing scuzz scabbed cutie that in another time would have been the cheer of Touch n’ Go given its dizzying dislocated discordance as it stutters, stabs and scowls its way with punctuated playfulness. That said, we’ve an equal soft spot for ‘Pedro’ tooled up as it is, with a delightfully off centred mutant funk giddy up that on another day might well have passed for some hitherto lost secret studio face-off between Leatherface, Fugazi and the Nation of Ulysses. https://cruelnaturerecordings.bandcamp.com/album/tankengine-ep

This is Feverdreamt with the track ‘Xhanta’ which for now I’ll have to give up and admit with an apology, because hapless as we are, we’ve mislaid the necessary press release word like thing. Anyhow, from what we can gather this track comes culled from a larger set by the name ‘Melantant’ which has been out for a few weeks now, though don’t let that distract your purchasing prowess. Safe to say heavily channelling the spirit of the late Scott Walker through which elements of Bowie’s ‘Lodger’ equally reside with darkening dream like consequence, truth be told it kindles a spiritualist air almost hymnal as though something forged from the ancients, whatever the case, it’s all deeply alluring in an Associates succumbing to shadowy chamber pop type way. https://soundcloud.com/blackjackilluminist/feverdreamt-xhanta

Last up for this briefing something appreciably light and playful which before we continue, can we just say, I haven’t a clue about anything going on here. Apparently a much loved cartoon was ‘Adventure Time’ now no more, in truth we were attracted to this by the press photos that sport a rather tasty looking must have box set which sadly at present, we won’t commit to due to its equally eye watering price tag, through Mondo it comprises of three 12’s, 1 10 inch, a CD and a cassette rammed from reel to reel with all manner of demos all housed in a wonderful looking box featuring artwork by JJ Harrison. From the collection, ‘remember you’ has been sent out on wooing duty while likewise pairing the talents of Olivia Olsen and Tom Kenny. Adorably twinkle some and distractively dainty, okay it’s a tad kooky but cute with it not to mention mellow, dreamy and without doubt, affectionately alluring.

**** always read the label and apply the correct dosage, in the event of adverse side effects, repeat dosage by increasing the volume, lack of taste is purely your fault *****

… converse, contact, touch ….

12 Stewart Avenue, BOOTLE, Merseyside, L20 9JD




End Credits ….

Talk Talk ‘Time it’s Time’

Same time tomorrow ……



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