daily medication …. 3rd cycle ….

Daily Medication …… 3rd cycle …..

‘music meditations from the wilderness’ ….

…. may contain …. grumbles, apologies, cancer and music …..

editorial excuses and stone throwing corner …

No real editorial commentary, we’re still a little all talked out following the other days ramblings ……. so to the sounds then …….

Don’t quote me on this, but I’m leaning towards the fairly certain side of things when I say we’ve mentioned these previously to much favourable utterings. In stupidly limited CD and cassette numbers, latest from Coims through Aphelion Editions is the distractively deranged two track ‘R Bard Column’ which for your listening inconvenience we’ve manage to source a sound cloud of the track ‘tomorrow’s gosling’ – oh how we love to share the misery. Described as jazz, a new one on me, more so read that as jazz in its very loosest sense, there’s a funereal gloaming attaching here, the deeper the track navigates the more the harrowing spirit rises, it’s all appreciably odd and off centred, the skittering rhythms and the subtle dub dialects exact an eerie anthropological template that in equal measures touches the worlds of both Volcano the Bear’s extended family and the strange minimalist wastelands encountered and catalogued by the Tesla Tapes imprint. https://soundcloud.com/aphelion-editions/tomorrows-gosling-aphelion011-coims-r-barb-column

Staying with Aphelion Editions, likewise doing the rounds in limited numbers of CD and cassette variations is a two-track offering from Sgt. Elyas entitled ‘tubular moanings of a galactic refrigerator’ which come on, must rank as the year’s best titled release so far. Anyhow, from the gathering, this is ‘where did you park the car?’ which arrives described by the label as industrial drone, something we here are at pains to disagree with. All sky firing riffs mellowing into blissful hazes, in truth not a million miles from the kind of stuff that both Kranky and Smalltown Supersound used to release with worrying gusto back in the day with this particular cut clearly showing its fondness for a spot of Bill Horist and pre ‘True’ era Roy Montgomery. Any questions from the back? https://soundcloud.com/aphelion-editions/where-did-you-park-the-car

We were a tad tempted to just posting the link for this with a view to coming back to its later in the week, but hell’s teeth, it’s just too good to leave alone without comment. Shame this isn’t available as a download, a must hear experience that will have you in a state of freaking. Tripped across by sheer accident, I’m thinking we need to reset our dials for BBC Lancashire’s ‘on the wire’ show if this is the kind of weird ear groove they are playing. Hailing from Bristol and beyond that the information trail runs disappointingly dry, this is Sunun of whom it seems excel at crafting out freeform head trips if this shy of one-hour mix set is anything to judge by. Certainly, it’s something that would have had the Mixing It folk Russell and Sandall waxing lyrical back in the day, Sunun mix the spiritual and the strange into a curiously hypno-grooved dub palette that literally mutates and morphs with shape shifting aplomb to incorporate eastern mosaics, snake charming obliques and momentary ventures into the odd, and when I say odd, I mean Frank Wobbly and Sons odd. https://soundcloud.com/bls-4/on-the-wire-bbc-lancashire-20042019

Talking of Mixing It, here’s something of a listening treat featuring the Fall in attendance from 2006

And as we were mentioning Smalltown Supersound in passing earlier, it seems as good a time as any to catch up with their current release, an opportune time it seems given that Carmen Villain’s ‘both lines will be blue’ is imminent. From that set, the wonderfully dream like oriental ‘observable future’ has been surrendering us to states of blissful serene, a softly shifting genteel, feeling its way through its surroundings, layer by layer delicately adjusting itself to forge out a pastoral pretty traced and turned in dream drifting floral ripples. Quite alluring if you ask me. https://carmenvillain.bandcamp.com/album/both-lines-will-be-blue

**** always read the label and apply the correct dosage, in the event of adverse side effects, repeat dosage by increasing the volume, lack of taste is purely your fault *****

… converse, contact, touch ….

12 Stewart Avenue, BOOTLE, Merseyside, L20 9JD




End Credits ….

One of many books we are currently reading in tangent, last count 7, is ‘defying gravity –Jordan’s Story’ – a must read for those of you obsessed with the Pistols story and the first flowerings of punk, just a few little tunes inspired by the tome, first up some classic Adam followed by a little something featuring Matthew Ashman and to round matters Sid doing Eddy ……

Same time tomorrow ……



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