daily medication …. 5th cycle ….

Daily Medication …… 5th cycle …..

‘music meditations from the wilderness’ ….

…. may contain …. grumbles, apologies, cancer and music …..

editorial excuses and stone throwing corner …

Well I’m guessing that since there’s been no telephone call following our visit to the hospital today to check blood levels, then this Monday morning will be spent hooked up to all manner of machinery getting our third cycle of Chemotherapy. It’s not so much the Chemo that I hate it’s the tablets they give you to take home and take for three days following the treatment, I kid you not when I say the resemble horse tranquilsers and you take 5 of these in the morning and in the evening, which for someone who hates taking tablets with a passion, even painkillers, is a trauma one can well do without. We haven’t even mentioned the sickness, the tiredness and all the other little joys that come as part of the bargain, happily it’s only the fatigue that’s thus far affected me. Anyway, that’s not what I wanted to talk about, neither the next bit, but it does loosely dovetail to the main course. I shaved my beard the other day, well I say beard, it was more an old man’s bum fluff, much like a meadow gone ild, the beard wasn’t uniform like most folks, but white and untethered, quite fetching in a certain light and disturbing in a weird creep show way, a bit like Wurzel Gummidge, that we’ll settle for. Annoyingly, though, it’s strange that I can grow a beard and sport thickening tufts of hair on my back to such an extent there’s a disturbing reasonable to a Warthog or a Rhodesian Ridgeback, yet sadly lose the hair on my head which just when they were growing back, original colour too boot, fell at the first flowerings of battle before the first Chemotherapy session had a chance to sink in and settle, and there was me with dreams of flowing locks a la Sly Stone, I was already half way to ordering the shades and the shirts to complete the look, you got it, renegade hippy chick. Alas, that dream is dashed, at least for now.

Which brings me to my current dilemma, for there comes a time in every man’s life when the most pressing question must be faced.

Is it time to get a Bandana?

…. and before you ask, no I’m not going through a mid-life crisis. I kid you when I say baldness does me no favours, with hair I’ve been told I look frightening, the kind of person who people cross over the road from, (it’s the height thing and the cool swaggering gait so natural to me) while without hair, vicious dogs take one look and cower and whimper in my passing, gets worse when I smile, then people get seriously freaked. But bandanas – good or bad? Indeed, I’m kind of scared of them, for reasons known only yo myself, they appear to me like table doilies or oversized handkerchiefs, worst still there’s still the association with 80’s metal folk and Adam, though I do remember Ian Astbury looking pretty cool in them c. his Death Cult days. And how do you wear them, what colours plain, patterned, paisley … argh my head aches – or should I just get a grip and wait for the hair to grow back, until then lock up your dangerous dogs.

Damn where did the day go, cricket and tennis, like most I got caught up in the Coco Gauff who hopefully should sprinkle a little magic into the second weeks proceedings following her titanic clash with Polona Hercog, a feat made all the more remarkable given her opponent was in such control at 5-3 second set with Gauff looking all out and done following the breakdown of her service game and a calamitous run of unforced errors. Anyhow, the top and bottom of which, is that we’ve left this a little too late for reviews, we will make up for it tomorrow, promise and anyway ‘Still Game’ is on the box, best comedy in an age.

…. so with that a little interlude partly inspired by a killer compilation just out through Cherry Red that goes by the name Electrical Language: Independent British Synth Pop 78-84 ………

Interlude …….

Be Bop Deluxe ……

Box of Toys ….

Lowlife …

The wake …..

Some detergents ……

The human league ……..

Laugh clown laugh …..

Fad gadget ……

**** always read the label and apply the correct dosage, in the event of adverse side effects, repeat dosage by increasing the volume, lack of taste is purely your fault *****

… converse, contact, touch ….

12 Stewart Avenue, BOOTLE, Merseyside, L20 9JD




Same time tomorrow …… but with added reviews …..


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