sunray vs. sonic boom

I’m certain there’s a press release for this buried and lost in our inbox somewhere, something which for now at least, is evading our eye line. Just 300 of these beauties, all pressed on, I guess you’d call, space grey vinyl and featuring two extended jaunts into the inner space that is deep mind hypnosis. Mind you, for those of you long familiar with the Polytechnic Youth extended family, this latest outing, pairing together Sunray and Sonic Boom might not be as alien or indeed, a surprise, as first thought, for ‘dreamachine’ originally embarked on its initial mission to explore strange new sonic terrains some twenty years ago via a limited launch on Earworm records. Two decades on and silence is broken with an unexpected contact from the lost thought doomed project with communications re-established by the discovery of this pair of lunar messages in a bottle. First up, ‘music for the dreamachine Phase II’ in its original mix provides for a deeply mellowing fifteen-minute head trip that imagines a mystical variant of the Orb dosed up on chill pills and engaging the auto pilot while they go for an extended smoking break with the folk over at Cavern of Anti-Matter. At once cerebral, controlled and trance tripped, located on some hitherto unknown fixed point at the edge of reason, this dark star emits mind morphing subliminal pulse waves that swerve and swirl dreamily to craft and blow foggy clouds of bliss bathed bubbles of kosmische calm whilst simultaneously re-fusing your synapses to a place past caring. Over on the flip, same track only on this occasion, retooled and hacked by Sonic Boom, who for his part, takes the Sunray blue prints off their fixed-point moorings and maroons them on an orbital trajectory deep in the cosmic drift, headphones essential, your minds safe return not so certain.

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