tomorrow syndicate

Back with the rest of this a little later I shouldn’t wonder. In truth, we’ve been spending the intermittent weeks since our last posting, dreamily mind waltzing to this latest astral adventure from the much-admired Tomorrow Syndicate. Just out via Polytechnic Youth in a 10-inch edition of 500, ‘Citizen Input’ comprises six stellar suites, the first of which, for now, ‘stranger in space (Part I and II)’ has somehow burrowed its way into our affections, whatever the case, there’s no denying that this is the sexiest thing on vinyl right this moment. Traced with a simplistic lush lilt (that incidentally ruptures, cracks and fizzes into psych shredding life at the 4.14 point) ‘stranger in space’ is proofed with a distractive demurring that’s caressed with a head in kosmick sultry. Amid the pulsing sirens, a vintage 60’s time coded cool crushes and purrs dissipating a silver age stream of consciousness that imagines Leary telegraphing telepathic treaties to a hypno-grooving space age soundtrack logica composed by a gathering of Silver Apples and David Vorhaus types. Nuff said (for now ……).

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