midwich youth club

…… all this leads nicely to new groove from Midwich Youth Club, this ‘un available both as a free download and a limited cassette (appearing around mid-August via Manchester’s the Clap imprint). Anyway, the press release goes a lot like this … ‘ ….. not actually a youth club, the project is the alter ego of Allan Murphy, the nemesis of Hauntologists worldwide. Allan makes sounds and strange samples trip up and stumble over lo-fi beats and bass. Allan plays, fiddles and mangles this mess into melting machine music …….’ . As to the actual release itself, as crooked as the author’s description, delighted to report that all the trademark zing zng zoom and kooky oddness is in place though here shifting ever more towards world’s occupied by the likes of the Bearsuit records and the Frank Wobbly and Sons imprint as was, initial listens preferring the orbital lonesome that is ‘tapeworm’ as it whirls, woos and wanders a silvery aged trajectory teetering beautifully to a nostalgic romance of beat driven beguiling and innocent childlike wonder, rest assured there will be more.


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