slaylor moon

Just a very quick mention for a release heading out of the Maple Death imprint, this be ‘mothgirl’ , a track culled from a new tape release by Slaylor Moon titled ‘zone of pure resistance’ and something which ought to, in the first instance, appeal to all of you folks well-tuned and versed in sounds of a brooding dystopic monochromatic nature. sounding as though it’s just stepped from some abandoned cassette compilation awash with lost post punk electronica from the 80/ 81 era, all of which should fit neatly amid your prized Polytechnic Youth grooves. ‘mothgirl’ darkly piggy backs on the isolationist sounds of Laurie Anderson albeit as though lost in the surrealist sound worlds of Petunia Liebling MacPumpkin. this slow weaving shadow walker crawls and coos from the ghost fllcked backwaters of the Throbbing Gristle universe, at once beautifully edgy, yet detached and somewhat frosted and funk struck.

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