gary numan

Talking of things dystopic, foreboding and isolationist, Beggars Banquet’s Arkive sub-print are shortly to put out, expanded 40th anniversary sets of Tubeway Army’s / Numan’s iconic ‘Replicas’ (a brooding dark star of disassociation, disconnection and bleak alienation) and ‘Pleasure Principle’ (clinical, reflective, almost nostalgic and regretful yet self-aware) releases. Collectively titled ‘the first recordings’, these double disc sets gather together rare demo versions and alternate takes forged and formed during the session recordings for these two landmark releases. along with legendary Peel sessions. The ‘freerange’ demos come bolstered by the additional appearance of Numan’s two Peel sessions from ‘79 with both pressings arriving pressed on coloured vinyl. Full reviews in the coming days. However. for now, at least, a little aside. Stumbled over by accident earlier today, here’s Numan’s contribution to what looks like an excellent project set up by the Stories for Ways and Means collective which seeks to promote the value and advancement of children’s literacy across the globe – for more details go to

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