von tesla

I’m strongly suspecting we’ve a sizeable gap emerging in our Boring Machines stash what with the discovery of a handful of keynote releases that we eyed on a recent nose of their band camp page, first of which comes from Von Tesla, information on whom I’m sad to say, is scant to the point of non-existent. Anyhow grumbles aside, we’ve found a little fond spot forming for the track ‘out of the surface’, a wonderfully microsected slice of glitch greenery and binary blippery that’s very much tutored and traced with an old skool aural assembling that hints ever so teasingly to the more abstract otherworldliness of say, Biosphere and Banco de Gaia (fear not related items for the latter mentioned are being carefully prepped for review in the coming days). Anyhow, in short, a 10-minute mesmeric perfect for headphones and immersion in a darkened room free from the maddening world of distraction with the promise of blissful solitude and dreamlike disconnection. The set incidentally is titled ‘Ganzfeld’.


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