the bordellos

Ah sub-tronic post punk with a distinct decoration of c-81 styled mutant club land grooving, just what the doctor ordered though I note he missed the Morphine script – that folks is what passes for dark comedy in our world these days folks, anyway this be the opening track of the latest ‘underground tapes’ set from the Bordellos, number 25 therein, available on free download/ pay what you want, the cut in question a lo-fi dance mix of ‘the gospel according to Julian Cope’ who as you all know, is the coolest of the crucial three or was it four or five who these days, from what we can gather, releases the occasional nugget and disappears wherever for a while without so much as a by your leave, still we’ve eyed somewhere a repressing of ‘Wilder’ – essential listening of course that needs putting in a relevant online basket for purchase. Anyway, what can I say about the track, try cool, calculated and damn, damn, damn, very toe tapping in a stare you down mesmeric way type thing. Gotta admit I’ve enjoyed this particular release more than most, perhaps safe to say the most together of these vault finds to date what with ‘New York Girl’ tuned, toned and possessed of a softly subtle mid 70’s CBGB’s vibing that appears to wear a Television t-shirt awash with Velvets badges. On the otherhand ‘dark time girl’ – a girl theme forming what, comes blessed with a delicious Hefner like waywardness while the emotional broken and distressed ‘somebody else problem now’ is the Bordellos at their most crushed, reflective and damaged.

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