bill orcutt

Admittedly not on our radar nor neither prepped on the to do list, its appearance here warranted by a momentary adoring as it wheezed and waltzed into ear view without so much as a by your leave. This be Bill Orcutt with ‘the simply arresting the sun and its horizon’ which judging by the ever so brief liner notes affixed here, is set to appear sometime October through the Palilalia imprint. one for the John Fahey and Jack Rose purists among you and something that ought to chime affectionately with folk well versed of the rarefied output of Scott William Urquhart. Deeply transfixing, warming, aglow and attuned to the land, its contours and its restless search for survival and solitude, the sounds distilled with a rich vibrant toning speak like ancient echoes of a lost tongue, their woody sun-bleached aromatic captured of a natural, the fretwork and artistry beyond pristine. Perfect if you ask me.

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