robert sotelo

Staying with upset the rhythm a little while longer, well two tracks more at the very least, this track would you believe, had us so distracted as we were winding down for bed at 3 in the morning, that we were minded to pause for a moment, sit with it and enjoy a rare moment of sweet solace. Agreed, it might have been our upbeat mood, enhanced by the warm weather earlier in the day and my general demeanour, calmed and relaxed though nevertheless wrestled with fatigue, that might have precipitated our momentary fondness. Yet, now in the clear light of day, still calmed, upbeat with the sun beaming into life, it clearly seems the hypnotic workings of this mellow mosaic haven’t dulled. But enough of the rambling, this be Robert Sotelo who I’m certainly we’ve mentioned before herewith the mellowing hazy ‘message of beauty’, a slow burning sigher subdued with a genteel defence laying hypnotic, its drifting chord coding initially stirring with uncertain pause soon blossoms with a nostalgic classicist burn that imports a radiant spray of hazily lazy harmonies and a lushly laid faraway fancying to its warmly becoming palette.

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