i am voyager 1

Now I kid you not when I say that the newly welcomed Lenco L –3808 turntable has been seriously put through its paces this morning, its sleek lines and identikit Technics SL 1200 looks and astonishing sound response through the equally attractive Edifier book shelf speakers, have had us wowing like a child at the Christmas day breakfast table. But as near faultless as its proven to be so far, it still hasn’t managed to fathom or overcome the intricacies of this 2-inch clear lathe cut Slap Bet release which is a shame because it apparently features a blistering cover of the Nepalm Death nugget, ‘you suffer’. Seriously, we have tried every which way, altering the skating, adjusting the balances, the counterweights the lot. Disappointment aside, it has at least given us a chance to fast track ourselves to familiarising the limits of this near pristine slice of platter playing eye candy, ours is in white and looks the business. So, while we play around with the dials a little longer in the fading hope of resolution, here’s a little something from I am Voyager 1. Not sure exactly as to where this fits in the grander scheme of things or whether indeed it is in fact readily available for purchase. Of course, those familiar with all things Fruits de Mer will be all too aware of Phil 345RPM’s extra curricula musical duties, one time one half of the criminally neglected Southall Riot, he occasionally steps from behind his lathe cutting work bench to impart some cosmic freakery before disappearing back to meet exhaustive pressing deadlines cutting limited collectable curios for some of the trendiest and coolest imprints around. This particular cutting features an advertisement spot on one side, always loved these old school ‘spots’ releases, which sadly across the last three decades appear to have died a death, mainly used as film announcements for radio shows they found an unlikely outlet for garage punk labels in the 60’s and beyond, anyhow this one is basically Phil on a high enthusiastic setting imparting to all, the delights of his cool cutting services. Over on the flip, a track that appeared originally on a Fruits de Mer’s littler siblings Strange Fruit imprint entitled ‘a momentary lapse of vinyl’ which as the title hints was a CD compilation featuring the greats paying homage to the Floyd, this particular serving, an instrumental rereading of Syd’s ‘Golden Hair’ here coaxed and coded with a magically shadowy spraying that’s beautifully paused and ghosted by a deeply trance toned opining cortege of bowed chimes and a masterly turn of dark majesty.

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