ian helliwell

Latest to the Polytechnic Youth family, alas long since sold out, a 99 only clear lathe cut twinset from Ian Helliwell, no doubt inspired by the celebrations marking man’s momentous exploits in space travel, most notably the moon landings. As said two cuts feature here, which assuming we have the right sides round, ‘Gemini 4: walk in space’ opens up the listening soiree. A cold celestial draped in darkening whirrs and hums, its binary toning and somewhat fracturing canvas of pulse waves and microtones eking out an oblique space scape whose sombre detachment cuts reference markers that owe to a youthful Pimmon and a mischievous Add N to X visioning. ‘Apollo 11:Man on the Moon’ by contrast positions on a more minimal sound terrain that’s commonly found stirring in Radiophonic backwaters, its playful vintage hinted of the futuristic choreography of the Barron’s, Louis and Bebe.

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