vetchinsky settings

Something else momentary lost in the pile of vinyl these last few months, admittedly bought on spec as you do, our mind made up by the fact that it features the pairing of folk from the Orchids and GNAC, that’ll be Messrs Tramner and Hackett then, found here collectively colluding as Vetchinsky Settings. Pressed on white wax and available in limited number through the Vertical Feature imprint. ‘anymore’ is indelibly invested with a faraway otherness, softly entrancing, reclining and mellow, there’s a statelessness attaching to its cool casual, an airless majesty whose genteel ghost like whispering, draws you close by way of its lulling lilt, applied with a dreamily drifting aspect, its tender traits courting a loose connection with the gentler moments unearthed on Archer Prewitt’s mischievously overlooked ‘white sky’ set.

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