Gökçen Kaynatan

Pushing on in this era of Finders Keepers’ embracing of paranoid weirdness, which incidentally we here are all aboard for, this be Turkish sound alchemist Gökçen Kaynatan with what looks to be an essential release going by the name ‘Cehennem’. A vault discovery featuring a wealth of work never heard beyond rare performances on Turkish TV, in essence making these near 50-year old recordings, the first time they’ve been out of the can and into the daylight of consumerist living rooms. Kaynatan was one of the first to embrace the EMS Synth AKS fully, spending a deal of time self-tutoring himself in all the devices little foibles and intricacies. We here have found ourselves a little taken by the track ‘Anjiyo (Angioma)’ mainly for two reasons, the first being it’s the most playful and light of the three cuts and secondly, to draw some kind of relevance or reference to what’s happening sound wise now, then this neatly fits the parlance of cold electronica like a glove, its grooving immediately calling to mind in an instant, the darker terrains of the Add N to X spectrum and the Freed Unit’s more minimal Ochre based releases whilst not forgetting to mention any number of releases escaping the Dark Outside sound house and Mat Bower’s very excellent Wizards Tell Lies project. A dark star pirouetting ominously on some distant dystopic fringe, an icy pulsar, an apparition of a bleak future to come more so a chilling slab of surveillance tech, omnipresent and ever watchful, quite perfect I’d be minded to say. https://finderskeepersrecords.bandcamp.com/album/cehennem

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