Think we promised earlier, following the non-compliant play of a 2-inch lathe cut (apparently there’s some connector type thing required to play these mini disc type vinyl things) featuring a by all accounts blistering version of Nepalm Death’s ‘you suffer’ , to try and source the Slap Bet imprint for clues. Well we got as far as finding out they are based in Singapore and they share a facebook page with Vanilla Thunder records from off which we nabbed this. This be the Radigals with a new 7 track self-titled set o spanking and speed freaked is sure to smart your earlobes. With a total duration of around 8 minutes you can’t help taking time out whilst having a crafty cigarette to sample its ferocious sonic scalping, blistering hardcore that had us immediately relocated to the early 80’s slam dancing our way through the Secret, Fresh, Riot City, Anagram etc… catalogues. Driven at a whiplashing 100mph, these brief but blistering aural attacks, impact with menacing dissent, feral and festering sore thumbs with ‘girls’ and ‘problem’ edging it as the key stand out moments of this rapid-fire set, the former a jarring slab of eye poking agit core with the latter mentioned scalded in scowling savagery.


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