the liquorice experiment

Wow, wow, wow, I think I’m in love. Another release tucked into an appreciatively received parcel of goodies from Phil 345rpm was a killer two track affair from the Liquorice Experiment, our lathe copy made all the more unique with the addition of messenger alert fanfares inadvertently muddying the mix in the mid moments of the cuts mastering. Two tracks you’ll find fondly festooned on this EP which I’ll just now, is the best thing I’ve heard of this ilk since that rare debuting outing from the Wicked Whispers all those years back. The aptly named ‘last trip’, stoned and slinky this gem is awash in a wonderfully hazy shade adorned west coast radiance, all shimmering riff lysergic layers and fried organs all wrested upon a drifting mosaic of 60’s harmonies which when collected together, usher in a wig flipping haloing of mid 60’s cooling. In truth, we here are rather partial to the flip cut ‘wish’ of which all we say about, is that amid the spangly shimmer tones something suggesting a happening between the Zombies and the Chocolate Watchband is afoot with the Yardbirds on hand as casual fringe flopping observers. A more recent EP entitled ‘here and now’ is prepped for later week action, didn’t wanna spoil you too much.

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