from a distant shore ….

I’m sure that about our person we’ve a download link from Mega Dodo buried in our inbox, I could of course be imagining this, probably am given the combination of sheer fatigue and the cough medicine we’ve been prescribed, appear to collude to weave a none to altogether unpleasant trippy fusion. One for pencilling in your diary, this ‘un not officially due until November time. A compilation no less, entitled ‘from a distant shore’ features a raft of folk previously unknown to us discounting that is, an appearance by Us and Them. Guess we’ll be dipping in and out of this with frequent fondness over the coming weeks, however for now, we’d just like to direct your listening in the general direction of Astor Wolfe, who features here with three cuts. Well what can we say? Utterly transfixing and something that we don’t admit in saying, caught us clearly off guard, ‘Emerald Green’ the best of the trio by some distance, a dainty delicacy beautifully breezed in a becoming bouquet of baroque folk braiding all softly surrendered in spectral fashioning whose prettily pirouetting pastorals form an ever so genteel musical daisy chain with Silver Apples (seriously I kid you not). With its undulating patterns,‘heart of Pebblestone’ courts a wonderfully serene gallic waltz hushed and spirited away in a touching intimacy that harks back to a timeless and tender folk heritage while rounding up the trio, ‘Liontine Looking Glass’ flirts and flowers to blossom into a dreamily rustic dance which in another age, wouldn’t have looked to out of place sitting on the Owl Service endorsed Hobby Horse imprint.

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