Human Abstracts – Volume 1

Something else picked up fairly recently on an online record buying foray, this be an excellent collaborative outing that pairs together the endless illusion and brokntoys sound houses for a planned three volume series of face off’s collectively titled ‘Human Abstracts’. A limited 12 -inch press which gouged upon its grooves, you’ll find five cuts of shadowy club land grooving from some of the finest alchemists of sound currently operating in the dark electronic / industrial spectrums. First up to the plate, Vitra Delta Drive here serving up ‘El Complot’ and into the bargain cooking a coalescing slab of shadow playing icy futurism which to these ears has something of a classic era Front 242 indelibly barcoded into its DNA albeit with the additional intravenous fusion of Coil seemingly edging up the tension dial. Equally starkly chilled and somewhat etched with an overarching bleakness, Santoine opt for a Play Dead-esque guide light on their ominous dark star ‘Transmission’, a tormenting slice of chilled foretelling all wrapped and wired around a choking industrial grind upon whose looping menace, a warning of an approaching futile is scratched deep in its welcoming. Outermost see out Side 1 with the dead eyed fixed staring ‘Mystic River’, a prowling pulsar shaved of emotion and clinically bleached, its AI subtronics calculated and mesmeric tapping out a deep bass grooved techno error binary. Konsistent open proceedings on Side 2 with the annoyingly ear addictive ‘paranoid humanoid’, something that had us much recalling the kind of sounds that at one time or another, used to fly out of the Smallfish, Rednetic and Boltfish imprints with rude regularity, this particular cut assuming a deeply vibrant and floaty albeit, lightly flowering pastoral skin atop a serenely hypnotic motorik phrasing, nuff said. It’s left to Black Propaganda to lead matters towards the end groove with ‘instrument of liberation’, in truth the best thing here by some distant, a sighing celestial orphan applied with a deeply tearful wide screen symphonic aspect all beautifully pitched with a frosted elegance and crushing majesty, all of which admittedly, put us in mind of the likes of the Home Current and Polypores. Essential.

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