A very brief heads up on this while we try to decide which one of the many variants attract our eye the most. Fruits de Mer safe hands (plenty of Fruits de Mer stuff looming on the bulging to do), Sendelica revisit their earlier catalogue to gather up three key note outings from way back in their RAIG days for the first time on vinyl. Most of the variations, and there are many, are bolstered by special edition treats usually involving sets stuffed with alternate takes, demos and early workings of finished cuts, others come pressed on colourful shades of wax, autographs with additional DVD’s, postcards and other such items. The three albums, originally released between 2007 and 2010, where CD-r only affairs released on the Russian imprint RAIG. Now gathered under the collectively name ‘the Cosmonaut Years’, these sets are now available as three volume all ins or as stand alones. To whet the appetite, a select serving of teaser tracks are available on the player with opener ‘Sunfazed’ courting our ear lobes. A mellow hazer dinked in a dreamy faraway whose chilled recline bobs serenely on softly stoned psychedelic waves, smoked and airless and tripped in a clear crystalline shimmering. Equally spiking our listening lull, ‘the shit faced and fried Manhole of the Universe’ is adored in all manner of prog freakery, a serious third eye tweaking stoner equipped in all manner of stratospheric hazing and head expanding hallucinogens all cooled superbly with humungous beardy bluesed out Acid Mothers mosaics.

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