luke lund

Those fancying their sounds somewhat dystopic, alien and pierced with a cold emotionless menace might do well to seek out Luke Lund’s ‘Pattern Recognition’ set for the Berlin based Conditional imprint. On limited cassette, our copy having taken a back seat while we preview the sound cloud offering, not because the tapes non-compliant, only given the arrival of a new sound set up, we’ve inadvertently carted into the shed the cassette deck and various other means for playing tapes, and while yes, we could go back in and rescue, its late, its dark and it’s all the faff with wires, connectors and hooking everything up. In short, I’m passing on this till tomorrow. So, while we extricate ourselves from what’s becomes a confusingly random one-sided conversational cul-de-sac, back to Luke Lund and ‘conditioning augmentation’ which in truth, is as grim as the title suggests, a nightmarish AI end game awash with shadow falling 80’s VHS styled Sci-Fi authenticity all gloomed by impacting idents of paranoiac pulse waves and the harsh scowling of a bleak future factory line monotony. Welcome to tomorrow.

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