robin saville and oliver cherer

Were we just mentioning ISAN a second or two ago, well it seems the other half of duo, Mr Saville now pops up for an ultra-limited cassette outing alongside the much admired Oliver Cherer for the 2 part suite ‘Sizewell’. Just 150 copies pressed up of this release, all arriving accompanied by an A5 sized photozine and a link to the 19-minute film from off which here, you can sample 6 minutes of field recording interspersed serene. Best experienced for full effect alone, with headphones and free from distraction, ‘Sizewell’ is sonically engraved in a stilled melancholy, an epitaph (in respect of Sizewell A at least) traced in ghostly florals and a crystalline calm, the orphaned rustic electronics rubbed with a forlorn sense of nostalgia and monolithic majesty as nature returns to reclaim it as its own.

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