theo nugraha and tesla manaf

Goes without saying that after sampling further the sounds of Tujuh Kuda and indeed mentioning the Noise Bombing imprint that it would perhaps be amiss, more so rude, of us not to pay them a brief visit. So, eyeing the Indonesian self-styled noise / experimental sound house catalogue, our attention immediately turned upon their latest release pairing together the talents of Tesla Manaf and Theo Nugraha, the latter of whom, I’m fairly certain featured on occasion in these very pages a few years back. Herewith ‘Sikap Eksploratif’, a 33-minute exercise in caustic concrete sound and something which we’ll warn those of you with a deep aversion to dentistry drills might care to pass on. Agreed not pop music and certainly something that scarcely encourages any notion of anything approaching toe tapping, rather more a delightful exercise in hysteria and harsh noise ear burning, yet were most of these atonal apparitions appear created with just one objective, that being to blow you into next week with their ferocity, you sense here, that rather than subduing your senses to a brutal snow storm of power electronics, that really, all they want to do is have some fun and just generally mess with your head. On the latter note they succeed with much aplomb, though whether folk in earshot of the frazzled and fried hijinks afoot here will see the funny side is another matter.

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