crypt witch

While I go off on a rummage for mis-laid sound files for an impending / current Riot Season happening, annoying know, but I swear they are about our person somewhere, here’s a little something which I’m sure the RS crew will approve. this be Crypt Witch with the aptly named ‘Marijuana Zombie’, a track ripped from their long since sold out debut CD set ‘Bad Trip Exorcism’ which is due shortly for vinyl exhumation via Deep Distance. This grizzled slab of hairy hell spawn provides for a punishing listening sit, loop grooving gouges of scowling stoner sludge that wouldn’t look out of place gracing the catalogues of Brew and Rise Above all speared and bludgeoned with a doom draped haloing that clearly wears its Sabbathian fondness on its molten war weary sleeve.

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