Literally just pushed through our letter box (well it did 48 hours or so ago, life has a habit of distracting with the actual appearance of a review). The latest subscription 7 inch from the lovely folk over at wonderfulsound. As ever, this juke box styled 7 housed in generic in-house sleeve, comes accompanied by all manner of inserts, a label coaster, bespoke spider adaptor and autographs, scarcely before we’ve played the blighter, we are experiencing dizzy fits. This time of asking, a four-track serving from duo Discodor (Pierre Duplan and Lee Skelly) their debut outing no less, with ‘the arrangement’ leading the parade. A super chilled smoker invested with the coolest lounge lilts you’ll hear all year, both measured and mercurial and just a tease trippy as it slinkily moves with suave sophistication amid a sultry sound environ where sit at one side are Le SuperHomrd and to the other, a ‘Cobra’ era Stereolab here in cahoots with Beautify Junkyards. As though proving their no one trick pony, ‘Winter Leaf’ is kissed with a slick nocturnal chic whose mood mellow saunters breezily lost in the moment while to the flip you’ll find the equally laid back recline of ‘fille des sables’ and ‘punch drunk’ adoring your listening space in an arresting glow with the former particularly shimmered with a succulent early 70’s seasoning and a loosely trippy jazz exotica that could easily have escaped a secret after hours studio session between Mancini and Budd.

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