2 Responses to the Departure Lounge

  1. dougie says:

    Bro, that was a shitload of reading and information to take in! Normally I like my information content, in the form of ‘blipverts’!!
    Still, I persevered, even tho my eyes were screaming at me to stop! Lookin forward to gettin my grubby paws on the New Model Army vinyl!
    2 things……
    1 – EVERYDAY should be a relaxing stroll through life! (illness or not) FACT!
    2 – I’m pretty sure that if you WERE a horse,,,you wouldn’t be allowed IN the betting shop in the first place! As for online betting….. YOU’RE A HORSE FFS!!!!!
    All I can say is, keep fighting the good fight my friend. But, as a sufferer of mental issues, I know, and you know, that’s easier said than done.
    Good luck with the results, and keep on being blunt, brutal, and calling out the elephant in the room!
    Peace – Love – Respect

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