soft hearted scientists

Somewhere about our personage, we’ve the new Nathan Hall solo set ‘scattersparks’, blighters been thoroughly loved these last few weeks, reviews at mid-point completion readying for appearance sometime next week. However, to whet your appetite in what, barring any mishaps, will be a Fruits de Mer related extravaganza of happening releases, here’s a little lovely from Mr Hall’s primary charges, the much-loved Soft Hearted Scientists. Emerging from out of their self-imposed hibernation, this limited 7-inch appearance has them claiming as their own, the Bee Gees’ please read me’. Originally appearing on the Gibb brothers debut full length, an album much loved around these here parts as indeed where the following two or three, or at least up to ‘Odessa’, this track was always, I felt, oft ignored when it came to album being critiqued. Left in the hands of Soft Hearted Scientists, they immediately hone in on the tracks mellowing breeze and faraway subduing, repurposing it in a beautifully becoming timeless glazing that casts fond memories of lost summer’s and an idling yearn of distant yesterday’s. Add to the mix, the hushed west coast like harmonies and the 60’s sun glazed musicality that hints of the Byrds, ad you might well have at last, the Soft Hearted ones finding their sonic voice. Over to the flip, a newly self-penned sortie entitled ‘moths mistook us for the moon’ , a wonderful woozy patented in the Scientists trademark strange beguiling, as ever lazy eyed and mushrooming with a magical free spiritedness this distractive dizzy comes rippled in daydreaming opines and softly fried fanfares. Quite peculiarly perfect.

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