london underground

I was about to say, the last up from the Fruits de Mer family for now, but I’ve just heard a Rob Gould doozy that warrants immediate listening. Before that though, this from London Underground. Like the ‘Windmill’ release, this double disc happening, on purple vinyl no less, is already sold out at source and features what you might call an expanded set incorporating the trio’s last full length ‘Four’ with additional sides pampered with an array of selections grabbed from their first three albums, mainly covers for the part with Tull, Brown, Augur and Arzachel figuring among the grooves. To describe the sound of London Underground would be to think upon it as a station stopover mid-way point intersecting elements of jazz, lounge, KPM styled woozy’s and progressive noodleness, no bad thing there then, oh and lashings of Hammonds. Freakishly groovy and in all honesty, ridiculously addictive, though we here would recommend your listening starting point be their smoking cover of Brian Auger’s ‘tropic of Capricorn’. Originally appearing on the ‘69 full length ‘Streetnoise’ , the track left in the hands of London Underground is a sublime and faithful rereading sunnily decoded with a radiantly upbeat wigginess of tripped out jazz kookiness and coolly strutting suave fried in oodles of tropicalic trimmings and 60’s styled cool cat shape throwing.

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