Staying with Sendelica, Wales’ biggest beards return once more to their spiritual sonic campfire at the Mwnci studio for a fourth colossal head trip in the shape of the three sided ‘Cromlech Chronicles IV’ from off which a trippy taster ‘lightstar’ is currently on you tube woozy, just a snippet mind, all of which you can flip your fringe to in the comfort of your own headspace (disappointing really our joy derailed when our promo copy decided to exit normality somewhere at the five minute point of ‘nine miles high’). Unphased by such set-backs, we here resolutely marched on preferring instead the mystical mojo that is ‘Saturnalia’ which occupies the groove space of side 2. A mammoth 23-minute odyssey, a sonic shape shifter trippily bathed, awash and weaved of a rarefied free-spirited meditative tapestry whose amorphous astral accents are dreamily smoked in a progressive jazz blending, freak pilled trance states and a dream drift dizzying all shroomed in a sultry out of body haze, the effect serenely stoned.

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