bernard grancher

I must admit since the rumours of sounds featuring Laetitia Sadier with Bernard Grancher started reaching us, we’ve been anxiously counting down the days like an expectant child sneakily watchful of the underside of a Christmas tree. Out via Polytechnic Youth, like now, on standard issue no less, indeed not one of those, blink and they’re gone lathe-cut online only ordering panic inducing releases, this one on regular black vinyl in a 300 pressing. As said by Bernard Grancher and featuring a guest vocal appearance from Ms Sadier (love to hear her working again with Benjamin Schoos) and a ridiculously dinky remix by Gabe Knox on its flip. This be ‘L’immodéré bien-être de l’imbécile’ which roughly translated, means in English, ‘the immoderate well-being of the fool’. Now if I was of the ‘oooh look at me touchy type’, I’d be minded to think ‘are they having a pop?’. As to the sounds within, well everything you’d imagine passing through the highly cool quality control assembly line of the Polytechnic Youth sound factory, there’s a loveable pastoral woozy drifting through this lunar vintage, its spectral contouring sweetly sighed with a honeyed ISAN like fragile cross weaved as were, with the laid-back casual of Le Bleu, all the time executing an orbital path around Ms Sadier, at the centre as though a hive consciousness or kosmick matriarch radiantly messaging the celestial highways. Gabe Knox’s remix on the flip adds an acutely affectionate playfulness to proceedings, chuckling Pac-Men in busying binary body pop formations marching to starry swirls and cosmic twinkle tones arrest and adore this variant with a lulling sultry warming that’s trimmed in loop grooved nostalgia.

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