Utterly arresting in a word, this ghostly mystic while sighed in a beautifully haunting folk tongue, delicately transfixes with the airily ethereal of say Lake Ruth, the Soundcarriers and the Beautify Junkyards rather than the obvious Linda Perhacs to Us and Them fayre. Here amid the baroque bewitchment and the pretty pressing of a willowy pastoral, an innately touching timeless rapture loosens from out of which something utterly beguiling blossoms and weaves to mood and motion of the land fashioned and embraced with a ghostly spiritual coaxing. Anyhow this be Meadowsilver with the affectionate apparition that is ‘fair sapphire’ , which within its rarefied alchemic fashioning, we hear a certain Grey Malkin forges his mercurial artistry upon. A most bewitching experience.

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