Staying with Sonic Cathedral just a tad longer, latest to the Singles Club, that’ll be August’s and by our reckoning, issue #8, two new exclusives from Topographies. Pressed on blue wax, ‘cherry blossom’ takes up the lead side duties for a little something, that should our ears deceive, had us back in the days when releases shipping out the Wilde Club imprint where essential happenings and here, I’m thinking Catherine Wheel and the Bardots primarily and of course those early outings by Moose on the equally loveable Hut recordings. Honey dripped dream pop dissipates sighed in bitter-sweet halos of introspection shimmer aplenty on this distancing echo, all seductively sugar rushed in a shade adorning haze of vapor-esque white outs and floppy fringed oblivion. Nuff said.

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