taras bulba

Ah bugger, not even sure whether I’m allowed to share these links, hell’s teeth course I am, look its late, I’m tired and I’m feeling a tad tranced out, not through the medication but by this doozy. By Taras Bulba, who that I hear you say, some kind of Captain Beefheart styled ju-ju (it is in fact a novel by Nikolai Gogol), might well be had the Van Vliet bus took a road trip to the Tibetan or Marrakesh. No folks, this is duo, Messrs Laird and Blacow, one-time Earthling Society beards no more, who decided to swap notes and head off on a different musical jolly, one that would have no borders, no pre-sets or fixed notion as to what a Taras Bulba cut should sound like. Like that hasn’t been done before, yea by the Beefheart I hear you return back at me with steely smug gusto. Aye, would it were, but Van Vliet’s growls and oddly hiccupping vocal meter gave it all away. The Taras Bulba solution, remove the vocals, good idea, check. So, the sessions began and started to assume a foothold. lost in the studio, lost in the moment and no doubt, losing their mind, Riot Season heard the first fruits, conversations ensued and an album was agreed. Simply titled ‘one’, the album officially airs next-week, reception to it on pre-sales has been positive with the special edition CD / vinyl press already sold at source. Sent forth on twin-pronged scouting duties, both ‘the yo-yo man’ and ‘the neon midnight’ are brothers from a different mother, the latter, an eastern meditative weathered with an arid brushing arrives dappled in a free spirited mournful mellow that finds itself rubbed in all manner of chamber sighs, swarthy jazz drifts and calming oriental mosaics. ‘the yo-yo man’ on the hand, is a contrasting beast, intricate and ziggy wiggy with it, there’s a playful lightness here amid the cosmica heartland, the cutely wiry time signatures and free jazz fused structures adore it with a loosely amorphous charming that’s strangely kissed with a mushrooming head hit that wouldn’t look to out of place on a club floor.

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