blue tomorrows

As for that long promised Blue Tomorrows set, what can we say. Fondly described in passing by Steve Moon Glyph as ‘a breezy collection of homespun psychedelic pop tunes crafted by Sarah Nienaber (also of Candace and Web of Sunsets)’, this be her debut full length ‘without colour’ from off which the scouting trailer ‘sound of moving’ has been sent ahead. Idon’t know about you, but we’ve been resisting the overwhelming urge to rummage around in the shed and dust down the Christmas tree and fire up the twinkling lights in celebration of this frosted lullaby. Festooned upon a harvesting of Cocteau-ian chime corteges and no doubt seemingly dropped down the festively decorated chimney of the Dream Academy, there’s something of a nostalgic brushing, blushing this tenderly tip-toeing traveller as it dreamily waltzes with subduing seduction all the time purring with a misty eyed homely. Arresting is the word, I think, you’d reach for.

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