min-y-lian vs. ochre

I think we promised or at least, intended to come back to this a lot faster and sooner. I’ll be honest in saying that this has been burrowing deep holes in our psyche since emerging into our listening space over the weekend, A split 7-inch lathe cut release no less featuring Min-Y-Lian and Ochre in a superb double header. Out through the Icelandic imprint Moatun 7 (hope I’ve spelt that right, blame chemo eyes and a dim lamp adding a most desirable atmospheric glow to the evenings listening). Now this came to us via a heads up from Martin Boulton, who with Calvin Cordazar Broadus Jr, make up the Min-Y-Lian equation, serving up here, the unpronounceable, look its late, I’m struggling so can we settle for ‘25 up’. A rather nifty and dare we say, quietly infectious nugget whose mooching lazy eyed grooving had us immediately recalling the much forgotten and overlooked Simple Kid sortie ‘the Road’ possessed as it is of that same loop grooved lull and swathing of spectral electronic surges over which a smoky rap revolves all cut to a coolly spooled strut. That said, just edging it in the affection stakes the simply majestic ‘reconfigure’ is just like, wow. A wandering forlorn, mournful, bitter sweetly head bowed and alone, a silent surfer, the poise and elegantly measured swathing forging an immaculate palette within whose tapestry the crunchy glitch steps flavour the pausing key tingles all of which converge mid-way through to conspire in one last heartbreak before falling away in solemn silence.


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