field lines cartographer

Again, it might be another of those imaginary downloads that I often swear I’ve been sent in a mislaid email during moments of lucidity, but in the mistiness of chemo befuddlement, I’m quite certain a missive from Field Lines Cartographer was received forewarning us of a new sonic palate arriving soon. ‘three phases of improvised synthesizer’ be its name and the like title suggests, no double speak or hoodwinking guffaw, just the truth – remember that eh Johnson and your motley crew of public-school jesters and back side kissing sycophants – sorry did I fall into Brexit mode, how unbecoming, tactless and rude of me, still it’s all a lark, such japery and these idiots, we pay for! So, before we rudely consigned ourselves off road and down a passing ditch to nowhere, we were talking of Field Lines Cartographer, who has a new three track digital download, features a trio of meditative long-form each created and crafted to a specific brief to incorporate in the assisting of dream, contemplation and various related pursuits to do with momentarily escaping the chaos and calamity of the modern world and finding your own safe space for a moment. There’s no real difference in the three in terms of design and destination, a case of ‘pays your money makes your choice’, all aid in getting you to your chosen end, yet for us, we were a little more drawn to ‘phase III – Oceans of Irkalla’ which had this to be taken for a journey, imparts an eerie frosting of nothingness all etched in an unknowing gloomy, whereupon tethered to a spectral webbing of dark oceanic grace falls, a shadowy macabre stirs from the unseen depths almost as though, some inner space exploratory dive dispatched with an overriding detail to locate the deepest and darkest of the forbidden wastelands that make up the minds inner sanctum.

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