prana crafter vs. tarotplane

And while we were momentarily blissing to the grooves of Garcia Peoples at some ungodly hour this morning, the threats of sleep being rested as an idea would have come to worrying fruition, had we not repelled and resisted the advances being made by Prana Crafter. Herewith a track culled from a recent split album release with Tarotplane (which, and forgive me if we have already – I swear we’ve mentioned in brief passing earlier in the year). Anyhow, the set is called ‘Symbiose’ and this be a teaser cutting from it entitled ‘Jagged mountain melts at dawn – part 1’. As with any Prana Crafter groove, you better settle yourself down and skin up a fat one because this is one wig flipped trip which from the outset had us much recalling of those early Moonbloom hazy’s that were released at frequent intervals about 7 or so years ago, all desert dry mystical mirages and bonged out third eye blinking revealing a healthy side serving of youthful Grails type woozy. Yet let the track breath, unfurl and blossom of its sub 10-minute odyssey and a truly spiritual glazing descends, its psych folk murmurings and rustic tethering morphing ever so delicately and deftly in a super chilled cosmic celestial the likes of which had us much-minded of both MV/EE and a mid-career Wooden Wand. Not wishing to leave them out, Tarotplane book end the collection with ‘we move slowly through the past (part V)’ which I must admit, no amount of repeat listens have been able to shake this overarching sense of finality that I feel and sense each and every time it rears itself into listening distance. Ghosted by a stilled epitaph like resolve, there’s an emptiness here, more a sense of loss or perhaps purpose to the way these flat lining flotillas mournfully cut with a distractive sombre as though the lights of the cosmos are being extinguished one by one. perhaps it’s just me then?

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