Has this been tinkered with? I only ask this because the producer / arranger credits clearly cite Dominik Hauser as being onboard. Perhaps then, it’s just me, but still I can’t shake this annoying nagging voice in my head, that this particular version of the opening credits to Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s ‘UFO’, doesn’t have that familiar, punchy fulsomely lush definition. Could this in fact be the stripped-down original guide track, so many questions seemingly so little answers. Of course, we are messing with your heads, I’m certain that this version may well in fact be the proposed opening sequences for an aborted remake of the series a few years ago. We talk of course about the iconic ITC series from the early 70’s, ‘UFO’ marked a landmark shift in the Century 21 universe, live action replacing puppetry, it unwittingly paved the way for the more successful ‘Space 1999’ franchise. The series was dogged by the fact that it didn’t know its target audience, because of the Anderson legacy – see Captain Scarlet, Thunderbirds et al, it was foolishly assumed, that this was to be targeted at children. It soon become apparent that this was not so, story synopsis revealed a whole host of subject matter clearly over the heads of a pre grammar / secondary school audience – racism, bereavement, drugs, adultery and environmental destruction were just a few of the far-reaching conversations that the show was having in 1970 / 1. In addition, airing schedules were haphazard in an age where each region in the UK, was served by its own television network, episode sequences where altered that created a seriously schism in the flow of the series. Now through Silva Screen, an expanded four side set, pressed on lilac vinyl no less, featuring Barry Gray’s keynote score. Not sure how this compares in terms of the amount of matrerial made available, to say, a limited fan club double CD issue made available through the Fanderson site in the early 00’s, it certainly extends the reach of Trunk’s much sought after press a few years earlier. and features as a bonus, the track ‘trampoline’ as performed by the Spencer Davis Group in the episode ‘ordeal’. On a personal level, ‘UFO’ was a chlldhood love, I still stop, take a pause and forget what I was doing when it rears up on one of those retro TV channels, within minutes I’m relocated to the family flock walled living room perched in front of the TV fully absorbed and immersed in Earth’s secret battle against extra-terrestrial invaders, Gray’s sound-scapes both fruity and experimental, where in the main cut with a lounge bop lightness infused with an airy part funky, part trippy casual while stuff like the closing credits where daunted and dimmed with a minimalist unworldly stripped from a classic 60’s era Radiophonic scrapbook.

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