analogue electronic whatever / the truth sounds different

I could have kicked myself stupid for nearly missing this, guess better late than never. Now in our self-imposed absence and refusal to connect with the outside world, we did loosely recall an email from the Analogue Electronic Whatever folk, making mention of a forthcoming split release with Truth is Space. Well I say forthcoming, at least it was back in the day, the confusion muddying still further when we realise that we erred somewhat, in the thinking that their co-conspirators were Truth in Space, when in fact, it was the Truth Sounds Different. Just between you and me, I think the two are in fact the same. So, mindful that we are rambling into a poorly scripted and wordy cul-de-sac, let us swiftly move on. Okay as established, split single, super limited press on lathe cut vinyl no less, featuring two tracks, one certainly a cover, the other I’m not so sure, but both cut to coincide with the Apollo Moon landings, indeed, we are lagging a little with this. Still, a damn fine slice of kooky kitsch from the AEW folk who with the guest appearing vocals of Jamie Joseph, re-toot the Sinatra forever-green ‘fly me to the moon’. Lovably affectionate, much like a cosmic seaside promenade, this crookedly lo-fi funk tousled lounge lunar bop comes set across a clock working loop grooved electro pre-set base track atop of which, JJ wanders a woozy flavouring with his oddly out of step croonery. Over on the flip, the Truth Sounds Different allure and adore the listening space in a soulful spectral going by the name ‘the space we occupy’, a beautifully amorphous aural amalgam calling to mind elements of the Drone Club, Eurythmics and the Black Ryder all spun ever so finitely upon a sweetly surrendering starry speckled orbital.

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