I’m a little minded to take the Polytechnic Youth folk to task when they describe in passing that the Perrache debut full length, ‘ … is slightly darker, representing a more industrial edged, slow burning listen than the Dream Division ….’. Agreed there is an element of two albums hatching from different eggs, Perrache readily more subdued though nevertheless grounded and schooled in an experimental vintage that admirers of Sky records might loosely gravitate towards, Dream Division on the other hand, dystopic escapism set to a soundtrack currency blunted by an apocryphal edginess that draws deep into its creative fabric, elements of Frizzi, Carpenter and less obviously, TVAM. What’s proving to be a creative purple patch, what with his Frood of the Loop full length and other projects coming to fruition, under his Perrache guise, Joachim Henn creates an outer-worldly environ where Radiophonic minimalism and the nostalgic state craft of German futurism and experimentalism weave a curiously fluid cocktail of amorphic hybrids assumed of a fusing of trance toning weaves and a solitary distant as evidenced perfectly of this teaser cut, ‘dustflag’, one I guess, perfect for you Moebius and Roedelius types.

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