jonathan sharp

Seriously slapping ourselves stupid for missing this, a gaping hole now appearing in our Heartwood Institute collection. Look I know we are well late with this but stuff unfortunately, has a habit of happening. Sent out as a teaser, a herald if you must, for his debut full length for Castles in Space entitled ‘divided time’, Jonathan Sharp steps from behind his HI mask to revisit his childhood, memories of which rekindled by the unearthing of a box of old polaroid snaps. ‘divided time’ promises to be the first in a series of releases that catalogue to musical form this extensive attic find of family snaps and lost school vacations. Both ‘Kensington, 1974’ and ‘Kendal Steam Gathering, 1975’ featured here, don’t actually feature on the aforementioned full length, instead separated they appear pressed on a limited clear lathe cut, alas long since sold out. The former, shimmered in a wonderfully lulling dream like gauzing, its hazy floral finery twinkled in a lightly toned magic dust vintage that loosely skirts around the classic theme to ‘the box of delights’. However, it’s the flip cut that had our ears a pinned, an opining ghost walker or rather, a tip toeing mysterio woven with spectral delights and hushed with a delicately pulsing twilight twinkling set upon a ghost lit porcelain pirouette whose strangely mythical murmurs hint of the surreal snow globing ornate eerie’s of Keith Seatman.

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