alessio peck

Against all my best intentions and attempts to ignore it, this blighter just seems to have an incurable knack of getting under the skin, I’ll admit its possibly a little more saccharine than I’m used to and the video, well can we just pass on that for fear of some conversational crossfire opening up. Anyhow, this be Alessio Peck with a track culled from another tape scheduled for cassette store day action, this being ‘baby I want you’ from his ‘Canzonette’ set for Freakout. Now I don’t know about you, but we here are more than a little disarmed by this ‘un’s somewhat feel good effervescence and strutting indie click, certainly something that’ll smother the airwaves should it get playlisted not least because of its easy on the ear sun fried casual bop-ery which to us at least, had us vaguely imagining that Robert Lloyd dude and his Four Seasons holed up in an after-hours studio with a pop playing playful Denim.

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