das. blaue. palais

Some band names stick in your head don’t you find, a bit like a tiny musical earworm from a long-forgotten obscurity. It’s something that once rooted, refuses, no matter hard you try, to go away, instead intensifying as an echoing voice in the back of your mind. Now, the memory not being its sharpest of late, this was proving a desperately annoying impasse given it was distracting from actually enjoying the sounds within. As is the case with these things, we always find the best way of recall, is to walk away from it for a few minutes, concentrate on something else and sure enough it’ll all come back albeit, in a more than often piecemeal fashion. Of course, they appeared on Fruits de Mer’s ‘Gathering of Fish’ compilation. Shortly due for appearance, on the forthcoming Cassette Store Day roster, no doubt in limited-press through Ballerophon, Das Blaue Palais are shortly to re-issue ‘D-UF 73’ from off which, ‘Dusseldorfblau’ has been sent ahead on scouting detail. In simple terms, a beautiful dream draped drift away all delicately serene and harnessed upon flotillas of sun-scorched riff idles and hazily lazy eyed arpeggios all set sail upon some idyllic faraway exotic. Adorably bliss kissed.

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