I’m fairly certainly that at this point, you are all fancying something to scare the Bejeezus out of you. Might we then introduce you to Pharmakon. Seriously don’t ask how we arrived here, whether it was by a recommendation, a press push or just something we randomly gathered on a cyber ramble. We’re more minded to opt for the curious tripping over it option, apparently this slice of good cheer, incidentally titled ‘self-regulating system’ has been plucked kicking and screaming for a far bigger slab of ominous called ‘devour’. In short, heading out of the Sacred Bones imprint, Pharmakon craft light sucking claustrophobic noise agitant’s both doom draped and garrotted in searing hot industrial gloom, clearly the work of someone with unresolved anger issues, this curdling cauldron of unwavering dissonance howls with a putrid punk squirm that had us recalling those much-missed outings from the likes of the Love Torture and At War with False Noise imprints of a few years back.

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