group listening

picked this up from a twitter posting, no harm in a quick listen i thought as we slowly shed the shackles of slumber to greet a new day. sadly accompanied by bugger all information, which these days appears par for the course. due for landing in November, this be Group Listening with one of three tracks from their newie, this being the lead out ‘what’s a girl to do’. given, its a slow burner, won’t grab you immediately, but then aren’t those always the best tracks, this being charmed by a 70’s library like dinking you’d probably expect to hear on some dusty pressing put out by the likes of KPM, Chappell, Bruton etc …. yet scratch a little deeper and an air of smoky mellow frisked with a noir toning rises to the surface seductively armed with a subtle funk undercut that in another time or place, might easily pass off as the end product of some secret gathering of lemon jelly and the Superimposers types

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